Wishing I was… Katie Perry


the dream of a Bradfordian working mum…

Katie Perry

I wish I was Katie Perry

Though I’m forty three

She is so confident and cool

Very unlike me.

I wish I was Katie Perry

As she jets around the world

People queue for hours

For a glance of her

Wait in line for autographs

She is such a star!

An American superhero

I’d love to get near her

I bet she’s really nice.

We could be friends

Share a cup of tea & a slice

Of cake with her squirty cream.

I’d teach her to say: down t’road

And she’d teach me America slang:


I wish I was Katie Perry

Dancing on the stage

In a crazy outfit

Whilst fans scream my name.

I wish I was Katie Perry

Not for her figure

Or her fame

But her quirkiness

All the colours of her hair

The wild costumes she wears

And the eyelashes

Out to – there!

I wish I was Katie Perry

Her attitude is so bold

She rocks it out

Won’t be told

There’s no where she won’t go.

She kissed the boys

And left them behind

Walked all over their asses.

And she kissed a girl.

She’s even sexy in braces & glasses.

I wish I was Katie Perry, but

I work in a bank

In Bradford.

And my style is somewhat rank.

My boys say I am daft

That I’m sad and frumpy.

They think I should listen to

Shaken Stevens & Radio 2.

But when I’ve ferried them around

To their trendy bars

And festivals

When I’m in the house alone…

I pretend I am Katie Perry

With the music on loud

and I rock out!

Before my Imaginary crowd.

Oh I know it’s just a silly dream…

and when it’s over

I’ll just get on with making tea

But … there’s always hope

to change your life around.

Tomorrow, maybe

I will go to the hairdressers

and ask for some hints of green.

Lizzie HW


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