My week, as it was (11.06.15 – 17.06.15)


[sorry if date format confuses anyone, British format: dd/mm/yy]


it is June, I am sure, but still not much evidence of summer 😦

Thursday, 11th June and my week is bounced into Outer Space! An email appears with a silent ‘ping’ and quietly tells me that I am going to be on the features page on Saturday in my local paper. Wha?!

I have to send some pictures please. Hmm – ever tried to upsize a jpeg image? Don’t! It just goes all squiffy – regardless of what those enticing FREE Buzzy sites promise. Thankfully a low-tech solution (if you ever need it) – send the image to a device then take a picture of the enlarged image – use that. It works!

After all the excitement subsided, like bubbles in a bath, I went into shivering cold panic mode: yikes! My novel is LIVE with Amazon but I know it’s not that great. I mean silly typos and a few niggling plotty knots. Sure it reads OK but I know it can be better and I have been working on it for the Improved Version No2.

NOW the SUN shines! Friday was wonderfully sunny all day and I was hunched over my keyboard. Picking away at all the niggles, the ‘he’ instead of ‘her’ etc. I fixed them all and my improved version went LIVE on the Saturday as I appeared in news print.

Gosh… gulp – take deep breaths and rush to shop to buy a copy; then Smile like an idiot all day long   🙂

Of course I was happy but… there are those that weren’t. “Why?” I pondered.

It is an odd feeling when you are very pleased/proud and others don’t seem to share that enthusiasm. Those that react with a limp shrug and a withering “Oh” then smile as they continue with their news “But, hey! Look at this!”

Hmm, no, I don’t want to 😕

The trick is simple enough: it’s your JOY don’t let them remove or diminish it, keep it warm & safe and enjoy it.

Oh well, things go on and I used up my Social Media credits that weekend (sorry) but you gotta take advantage of the exposure.

I promised myself, after that, a few days off. In the end it wasn’t my choice as I was a bit unwell (possibly the burning oils and ink at midnight did it?) so I had a few days off.

I was then drawn into the delights of unwanted cold callers, tele-sales demons!  Drove me nuts and I am mostly sane. I am usually polite (they have a job) though I won’t tolerate their rude tactics of pausing, asking ‘why’ when you say ‘no thanks’ (just to try keep you talking). I have registered to stop these unwanted calls – see what happens… [I get frustrated but some vulnerable people get hassled beyond sense and that is immoral – if you suspect such activity, please report it].

I was a bit grumpy… but then a little visitor cheered me up. The neighbour’s cat peeked in. Oh the sun was back, kind of, so the doors wide open must have been far too tempting. The little black feline tripped in and an ear appeared around the sofa.


And now folks – I am back to normal (my version) and so the laptop and notebooks are once again, scattered around the place.

I wrote a poem about Tall and that will make a public appearance this Friday. I will also endeavour to finish the (almost finished) short story based on a flash fiction prompt. It has the weird title of Cleansing the Expanse and should unveil itself this weekend.

Right, time for soup!

Lizzie HW


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