She is so tall

She hardly fits in the bed

Growing longer; every day!

Until her feet are over the edge.

//  She is so tall

She never climbs trees

But reaches and picks

Any apple she pleases.

//  She is so tall

The classroom seems smaller

As if she is the only one

It was made for.

//  She is so tall

She folds herself into a swan

And glides beneath the frame of the door.

Inside she folds again


Into a chair

And waits for someone important

To call…

//  She is so tall

She doesn’t take trains or buses

Instead she walks, wherever she wishes.

And watches

Others who rush by

Like toys, on a fairground ride.

//  She is so tall

All her gentlemen call

Wearing top hats

And those that can afford

Spend a little on more leather,

Have their heels lifted up.

//  She is so tall

Buildings cower

In her shadow

And bend at her touch.

//  She is so tall

People stare

They build ladders to look up

And down

The length of her

And say “it is more than six buses

Set end to end”.

//  She is so tall

The clouds kiss her hair

And make a halo

Lit by the sun.

At night, moonshine

Glitters around her curls

And she wears

A corona of diamond starlight.

//  She is so tall

She walked into the sea

From the beach

Through the ocean

And to a distant shore.

Her eyes stayed dry

And she saw more

When she walked up the mountains

Than anyone who ever climbed.

//  She is so tall

Gravity lost its hold

She is beyond time.

She sees the past and the future

The world as it was

Before it began

And what is to come.

//  She is so tall

She can reach into space

And answer the questions

Scientists wrestle.

But they won’t ask her –

She’s just a girl.

~~~~ this started as a light poem repeating the line ‘she is so tall’ almost like a child’s rhyme. But it developed into the story of a person. She is tall but more, it is about her largeness, her greatness and her ever growing ability to be anything.


I didn’t need to end it with a slightly distasteful edge but it reflects society so why not be real? It doesn’t take away the power of SHE in the story.

Imagine each stanza is told by a different person in her life: mother, father, teacher, friend, sister, lover; it becomes a life story – wouldn’t it be great to hear people say things like this about you?!


As a child, maybe 6 years old, I had a homework assignment to write as many words with the meaning BIG. I spent hours on it! My Dad helped and eventually made me stop. I had pages of words. At school I had more words than anyone in my class. I felt triumphantly tall. But I was soon crushed when the teacher made a cursory glance, said something like “well done” and tore the sheets up and threw them away.

That has always stayed with me. Lessons on effort, pride, disappointment, doing your best even if others don’t appreciate it. I am sure some element of that memory is woven into this piece.

Lizzie HW

tomorrow: a post About Me!


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