About Lizzie (who is she anyway?)


So if you’re new “Hello” or if you are already a follower/reader “Nice to see you again”.

This is a new post feature I will be dropping in and it’s all about me.

Alien abduction? No, someone had taken the last jam tart.

Alien abduction? No, someone had taken the last jam tart.

Don’t worry I am not a narcissistic egomaniac – it’s just a way to let you know a bit about my background, what I am working on, what my plans are.

First I have slightly changed the categories on my blog. They are now:

About LizzieHW ~ this includes posts like this one.

my weekly journal “My week, as it was

Writing Room ~ this includes articles about the writing process and my weekly Wednesday guide to Indie Publishing

Tales ~ this is where you can read my work: poems, shorts, twitterings – all for free!

And if you like to read reviews, check out The Slice which will appear the second Sunday every month.

Buy or browse ~ here I will add links to my published eBooks, if you want to buy or browse 🙂

All navigation on my page is to the left – just over there <<< on the left.

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Back to me…    I write books and self-publish them on Amazon because it’s free and easy to do. I don’t have an agent or publisher or PR company hidden in my attic. It’s just me.

I use my real name: Elizabeth Haley-Wood as my author name. If I do ever choose any pen names I will be open about it.

My work varies from poems about nature to stories about aliens and weird sex. I love to write about all sorts of things. And I really love weird stuff so it’s mostly sci-fi, fantasy and a bit of horror, the combined: SF/F/H which encompasses ghosts, time-travel, monsters, hi-tech to low-tech, aliens, alternative dimensions, shape-shifters, space, near-future alternative realities ~ well anything really.

I write stories regardless of the style, genre or length. Some are very short, like a Twittering of no more than 140 characters; a set of Twitterings, poems, shorts, novels – I don’t consider one form better than another. I have heard some writers say it is not worth the effort to write short pieces… ‘Oh I say! One is so, not impressed…’

I live in Yorkshire where I have always lived, though I have moved around different towns. I don’t write restrictively to my county or country but I take a lot of inspiration from what is around me. When I travel I am always listening and looking for interesting people/places/things/interactions that may be woven into a story. I have a conversation captured in Canada between two men (friends) and I have a place in a story for that – it’s been waiting for over 5 years to get used!


My projects always shift. Being a writer I can say things like: ‘the fairies captured my dreams and hid them’ or ‘a pigeon dropped by for a cup of tea and cake’ – these are fanciful excuses for not getting on with my work. I don’t have a dog to eat my homework.

But what I am supposed to be concentrating on over the next few weeks are:

Strange Meetings

(almost done) a collection of writings about love, romance, sex in weird encounters.

City of Animals

another collection inspired by, well I think you can guess. Also weird. Not so much sex.

Both of these should be out as digital books via Amazon sometime in the next month (maybe).


I have a couple of non-fiction books in early drafting stages which I keep picking up, scribbling over and then putting down in another place. I think one of them will be published in November 2015. I just have to decide which one and set myself some targets!

And so I leave you once again… I am off to get my hair chopped off – my summer cut (even though it’s raining, again).

Lizzie HW


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