My week, as it was (19th June – 25th June)


So last Friday was a busy day and I told my husband that if he came home for 4.30pm I’d be ready for a beer. It was a deal (a date).

He turned up to be greeted with the tap-tap of my keyboard and my indignant comment “It’s only 20 past!” Luckily he knows my time-keeping skills are not my strongest skill.

To Do List

making a Task List counts towards my daily writing quota / right?

During the day I had been ‘tidying’ files and planning out my blogs. I had decided it was time for a re-vamp so had worked out new categories and had been making a Postings Planner. I like to have ‘plans’ and To Do Lists. It gives me a [false] sense of organisation!

I did ‘bleach the tiles’ (they look great!) & I blogged and did my nails but missed the vac up (did it on Monday). [vac up is common slang for use of the  vacuum cleaner – or vac-um as my Grandma used to say 😉 ]

I am pretty organised but then again easily distracted by anything. Such as a hilarious snippet of inane chatter on the radio. I had to stop and listen – laughing loudly. And I can’t even remember what made me giggle so much.

On Saturday I squeezed in an hour of work (blog revision) before an appointment at the hairdressers. I was brave! I had my hair chopped – short (very short) & rather than the Samson/Delilah effect, the reverse happened. I feel stronger, tougher; almost invincible.

And that lead me to sending off an email.

Well, it wasn’t my hair that did it (of course) but that feeling has persisted. I was looking for Literary Festivals and there is a mini mixed event a few miles away this weekend. So my email flew and they replied. Sue said “sure come along, Saturday night is Open Mic. You can have a go.” It’s on a barge (how cool) with about 30 people (great, small audience) and the chosen winner gets a fancy pen. Hey, it’s less about the winning; much less – it’s my chance to try performance poetry.

So today and through to Saturday – I am practising reading aloud [breath deep, use diaphragm, project!]

If you looked at the above To DO List you will have noticed the phrase “get a proper job!” and my quest has begun. I would love to rely on my writing income but I have to be real. As yet my writing is producing pocket-change which is great but I need regular cash.

It was odd to dip back into the job-seeking world. I wrote a CV for the first time in ten years! Joined a recruitment agency and an on-line job search site. I have applied for 2 jobs officially with a ‘maybe’ position floating about too. But I have got bold. I asked in a local bakery if they had any jobs. They didn’t but I got the business owner’s tel no to try (they have 3 shops in the area).

I recalled a scene from FRIENDS where Rachel is told she needs to ‘have the Fear’ to chase her dream job. When you are already in a secure job (even if you despise it) it is so safe it can stifle your hunger. I looked for full-time jobs years ago but I probably was too picky: that is too far to travel, that doesn’t have car-parking, oh no canteen and so on. When you just need a job it becomes so much easier.

So far – no offers but I am hopeful to get something to suit. It has to be part-time because I will not stop the writing and … well that’s about it for my criteria.

It’s strange what you notice when your focus is on a particular task or set of goals.

I watched Peter Kay (British stand-up, comedy writer/actor) in a behind-the-scenes documentary of his last Live Tour. I was soaking up all the insights he gave about performing/nerves/practice and how to gauge audiences and be self-critical. Noted & Stored for Use!

I have missed writing this week, I have only written one poem, drafted some ideas (very rough) so now I need to be creative. Off to write a poem* and finish a story…

*PS ~ just written a short poem for my performance ‘stand-up’ so feel better already 🙂

Lizzie HW


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