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So I am a Yorkshire lass, maybe the cap gives it away?  I do like a good piece of head wear.

Good day for golf?

Good day for golf?

I have a proper flat cap and I get all the ‘whippet’ jokes and horse references when I wear it, especially if I have my skinny jeans or leggings on with boots. I don’t mind – I can take a joke.

But I am also a serious person. I can be enthralled in a cartoon as much as a book about logic.

For instance I am reading through: Critical Thinking – a beginner’s guide right now. It’s not easy but I like the challenge of it.

I read that a study of school children that looked at really difficult subjects to see how the students reacted to work that was above their abilities. Some gave up because they knew it was too hard and others battled on.

Those that gave up recognised the material was beyond their knowledge but they had a negative response emotionally.

Those that tried really hard did better emotionally. Their attitudes were generally: ‘hey it’s OK. We can’t know everything.’

It links to a separate study about brain cell regeneration that concluded that using your brain, like muscles, making it work hard forces cells to repair and reproduce. So even if the task is too hard, the effort is really important.

So next time you get stumped at the crossword/suduko or find an article too complex to grasp – don’t fret. You’ve probably made some more brain cells!

And for those of us with silly streaks…

Of course he needs a blanket, it's cold in June up t'North.

Of course he needs a blanket, it’s cold in June up t’North.

This is my Shaun the Sheep. He bleats and his tail judders. The blanket was made by me. I actually knitted squares and then joined them up, it was for my niece when she was a baby.

Lizzie HW

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