My week, as it was (26th June to 2nd July)


Well the first day was filled with child care duties.  The advantage to my family (not me) is that working from home means I am usually ‘available at short (no) notice’ for such tasks.

My niece was barred from the child minder’s last week – not bad behaviour – she was spotty. Chicken pox!

So Aunty to the rescue… 🙂 and we had a fun-filled day. Playing in the park, despite the very grey skies and rain clouds because (as only a child can rightly say) “it doesn’t matter if we get wet” – true.

It was a long day (for both of us) and not even a line of creative prose popped into my head. There’s a lot of Mindfulness about – I am a fan but you don’t need to “ohmmmm” in a scented candle lit room – you just need a child that wants to be kept busy, there’s no space for worrying about bills, chores or work!

We spent over an hour colouring in. It was great. I did keep in the lines someone didn’t…

The weekend was full of new experiences for me.

And it was all around my first Performance. I went along to an intimate Open Mic event. It was part of Leeds Waterfront Festival (it’s 8th year) and we ARE going next year. It was also the day of my sister & a friend’s birthdays – next year they have no choice in their birthday activities!

My sister came with. I drove. It’s only 15-20 mins away. Easy to find & park. A raucous pub! And a small barge.

Yes, the event was on a narrow boat and we crammed-in jostling for space – some got seats, others stood, crouched, hovered or perched on the steps.

The first act was a three-piece with instruments. Very soothing – think Japanese gardens, bamboo chimes, soft water and a tale of dragons and love. It was lovely. Slightly over-shadowed by the pub’s noisy revellers singing “Let it Go!” and nearby House music providing a back-beat of dub-dub-duh-duh…

It was a struggle to stay in the Peaceful Zone & not spring into giggles…

Then it was open floor time. YIKES! I went second after a lovely reading of teen fiction by Morag.  I did OK, people laughed when they were supposed to. (Only my sister got the “Katie Perry squirty cream” reference but that’s ok).

I met & mingled with all kinds of writers: poets, teen-fiction, story writers, musicians – it was great! And what a friendly group. They tend to cross paths a lot on the Open Mic Poetry scene so I am sure I will meet some of them again and I look forward to it.

They refused to look at the giant pen or each other.

They refused to look at the giant pen or each other.

Oh and I won a pen & T-Shirt as the Speaker of the Night…. 🙂 x lots

I think I stayed so buoyed that I really didn’t want to return to WORK. It’s that essence of holding on to a feeling because once you slip back to your regular routines, that feeling slowly ebbs away. So I have revelled in it as much as I can.

Monday I took stock and returned to that sensible writing world. I began reading a great book (so far) that will feature in THE SLICE (review on 12th July) but it was business & pleasure.

It’s odd as a writer when you read and analyse simultaneously. I am reading YA style books to find the languages and tone for my own YA novel.

And on a separate issue altogether –

as a writer I am sat down most of the time. So I have taken on a 30 day squat challenge. It’s 5 mins a day which sounds so Easy. It’s tough. But it’s now Day 6 today and I’m getting fitter.

Lizzie HW


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