My week, as it was (03.07.15 to 09.07.15)


This is a short entry because I am on holiday!

  • Friday 3rd July was my birthday ~~ Yeah!  I love birthdays. I still get excited even though I tend to know what presents I will get because everyone asks me what I want. But I revert to 4 year old mode (it doesn’t take much). I love getting presents and ripping off the paper (that’s the best bit – the anticipation to action phase) and CAKE.

Of course, who doesn’t like cake. Anyone??

  • Saturday was a shopping day. Less about my birthday but to buy new holiday related clothes. I am conflicted with shopping for pleasure. I don’t like it that much. I get bored easily. I lose patience if I can’t get what I want. Usually it’s a size issue because I am short and slim – oh you may think that’s good but most stores cater for 5′ 6″ so tops are too long, necklines far too low, almost all long skirts trip me up and need shortening.

Right, sorry , I’ve stopped moaning now…

  • Sunday – Thursday I was on holiday!  🙂 🙂   I was in Rome with friends (my second visit) and it is a great city.

So No working for a few days.

Roman rooftops

red roof, blue sky – where’s my glass of Frascati?

Though I did some ‘covert’ idea collecting. Taking notes & pictures of little things that took my interest. It’s not easy to switch off completely and people-watching around a piazza is great fun. It is relaxing, exciting and inspiring.

I have a story that I feel should be set in Italy. There is a short draft version already which had mixed reactions from my beta-readers* but I have a longer version sketched out.

It’s a near future (or parallel future) setting and starts with a major worldwide fuel crisis. Characters deal with the changes that seem distant but effect every detail of their lives. There are dissidents, fractured governments, rebels and some odd disappearances. Riots and general mayhem as the civilised states collapse and new powers rise. Oh and of course there’s plenty of sci-fi tech …

So just being in Italy (Rome) immerses me in the place so I can recapture the feelings later – how was the sky? What about the architecture? The people and noise?

It was fabulous of course!

*beta-readers – if you don’t know this term it is just people who read drafts and give feedback before the piece is published (more on this will feature in one of my Wednesday Indie Pub blogs).

So that was my short week. Hope you had a great week too wherever you are 😉

Lizzie HW


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