Indie Publishing – do I have to read Business Books?


My simple answer is yes.

Don’t shrink or run away! It doesn’t have to be torture. But if you are totally INDIE then you need help. You don’t have assistants and agents that know the industry so you have to learn yourself.

You are a business. You are self-employed. You are an entrepreneur. Accept it!

Have a browse through a book that you like the look of.

Borrow one from your library.

Find free guides on the web or download eBooks.

Ask anyone you know to lend you one.

My first Business Book came from my Dad.

my most read book!

my most read book!

My most referred to book covers all the basics and I use it over and over (I bought it on a special offer in the book store).

Some basics on Business Planning and Marketing would be a good start.

Marketing (Promoting, Sales – whatever you call it) – you can pick up great tips about how to do it well. And don’t think these books only advocate spending lots of cash – most look at clever ways to market with tiny budgets.

In the book above, the author did a ‘stunt’ to promote his new magazine by ‘living in a shop window’. People are often willing to share their successes and failures – embrace them. Learn from them, they did it before you. In a few years, you may be the one sharing your success story!  🙂

I confess I am a bit of a nerd with factual books and can happily sit in the garden with a glass of something cold (usually water) and read something heavier than a summery romance.

Besides, I read that holidays which involve lots of relaxing, laying about and reading ‘easy’ books change our brains. In effect the lack of stimulation dumbs us down! Yikes! That’s why after a holiday I have that woolly-head feeling…

[just back from a scorching Rome – must read something Heavy!]

So you may wonder, what do you get from these Business Books?

Well, besides all the practical tips, I wrote my own Business Plan.

I used various ideas from books and made something that suits me. If you are going to bother creating a Master Plan it needs to be useful to you.

Start with a bio: include your work history, skills and any related qualifications/achievements.

You can set out objectives: what books you want to write, deadlines, genres, platforms. How will you make money? Do you want to make money? What’s your big aim? Cash? Success? 100 books published? Winning awards?

Add how you will organise your time/resources, cover costs. And keep updating it when you publish something or get a credit.

At the least it gives you a kind of writer’s CV if anyone wants to know more about you. And it is a record of what you have done, that’s got to be worth the effort – having a record of your success, however small. Everyone starts with a first book or poem/story being published.

Charles Dickens self-published as did HP Lovecraft.

I am updating mine this week – because if you do create one: Use it and go back to it every month or so and keep updating it.

My Plan – the basics:

  • picture of me & my contact info
  • Objectives: what I want from my plan, its purpose
  • Bio
  • Brand: summary of my work/styles
  • Markets: where I sell and who to (my potential customers)
  • Promotion – how I will market my work
  • Projects: work done, working-on and future plans
  • Finance ( a reminder that I have ZERO budget! )
  • The Future… ideas & aspirations

Don’t get hijacked by any book claiming to show you business secrets ~ there aren’t any. All you need is useful information.

That’s it. It’s a short post because you either want to read these types of books or you don’t. And that’s up to you. But borrowing one book from the library won’t take much effort and you may be surprised….


Lizzie HW


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