My week, as it was – the extension of a holiday, Oh no it’s all over!


Well last Thursday I was up at 6am!

That is not normal, not for me at least.

But I was at the end of my roman holiday and up early to shower, pack and walk to the Termini for the bus.

It was incredibly hot – like really scorchio!

Anyway back home by 2pm and still in holiday mood, we went to the pub, of course. And told everyone, whether they wanted to know or not, about our mini break. The heat, the sights, the ruins, the laughs and so on, and on… (sorry folks).

I tried to get ‘back to work’ on Friday. Kind of. It was that, you-know: empty the cases, wash clothes, put stuff away – and there always seems to be MORE even though there was actually less 😕

I didn’t write on my holiday, except for half a poem (not finished yet) about pigeons. It’s really about people – I will explain later…

I also had a web-break. Despite the free Wi-Fi everywhere and my husband and friends loading Facebook with ‘fun pictures’ – if you saw any – I was pretending to be asleep/drunk/ fallen into a box….. honest!

But it was good to be off-line for a week. The world didn’t collapse. I think my followers stuck it out. Hey, I know you don’t sit by a screen, waiting just for my posts – do you??

But normal life can’t be kept back with a whip and chair, it wasn’t growling but it grumbled a bit. So I gave in, sighing and mumbling that technically I was still on holiday til Monday, surely, at least. No? Oh well then.

After getting over myself. I knuckled down (we all have to eventually) and got on with the last edits, the cover, the blurb, keywords and those niggling bits that cannot be ignored.

{watch for some upcoming Tips in the Indie Publishing posts on how to organise your ‘launch’….}

So my new eBook is done!

roses, the symbol of love, or lust? or something more sinister?

roses, the symbol of love, or lust? or something more sinister?

Strange Meetings is now officially on sale at Amazon.

Adults Only!

A collection of weird tales:

sexy & unexpected!

Details with an author Q&A coming this Saturday ~ 18 July 2015.

Lizzie HW


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