Collected / is this likely to be a future for me??


Collected by  Elizabeth Haley-Wood

I write silly verses in birthday cards

Add doodles at Christmas

And give poems away.

Each piece is a little of me

Left for those I love.

Drafts of poems and half-written lines

Like little raindrops

Are splattered about my life.

My signatures scuttle across

Papers everywhere

Even those only virtually there.

And as I write another note

Of insignificance, I wonder

Will they ever come for me?

The hunters and gatherers

Searching for the scraps

Those tiny bits of me

Left to gather dust.

Shopping lists could be artefacts

Valued way above their content

Of tins of beans and loaves of bread.

An old postcard scrawled out with little thought

A faded memory of a seaside jaunt

Breaking News! – for nonsensical rarity

As snippets of my past

That is yet to come

Are cast about as art,

In some future unknown.

Some day …

Where posters may adorn

Walls of libraries and such

Declaring my name as the author I long to be.

Taking on more worthy lots

Bidded out nostalgically.

I wonder, then, absurdly as it seems

It happens to others – will it happen to me?

So I write this down

Considering now

One day this collection of letters

Could be more valued than me!

And at once I can dismiss it

What nonsense it seems

But, still – one can always dream…

##~~##~~## dreaming of my future??

Lizzie HW


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