Indie Publishing – timing


I am a follower of TED.

I recently watched a great short talk about the ‘biggest reason for business success’.

And research proved the highest factor was … (clue’s in the title)  timing.

There were companies with very similar plans and products separated merely by months or years and that made the difference between failure/obscurity and success.

Anyone who launches products (toys, soap, cars, games, books, films) will nod. Some may nod more than others.

Seasonal related items are obvious. Think about it. It’s not difficult. You know the stores load up with certain items for the summer: picnic tables, BBQs, related foods, garden furniture/toys etc and then we get the winter themes with snow-shovels, boots, warmer foods and of course, the Christmas stuff.

Writing is the same.

Trends come and go and yet, a trend you can hook onto is sure to get you more attention.

YA is the go-to fantasy escapism right now!

I am not telling you to jump on the wagon or plan a takeover. But it’s worth considering.

IF you have an idea that fits with current best-sellers ideas/themes – why not put that as your No 1 project?

Even companies selling paint have used the GREY books to sell their products! So a little clever, not-copying, ad tactics could work too.

On the other hand – great writers: Douglas Adams, Charles Dickens, HP Lovecraft, JK Rowling, George R R Martin – waited years to get their hits to market.

So sometimes it’s just about patience. Whatever your experience, don’t give up – just keep working, keep writing and publishing, it only takes a few sales to reel in a solid customer base.

Field of Dreams reference to end: “write it and they will come, eventually” …. all the best of luck!

Lizzie HW


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