My week, as it was


Disco ~ Job Interview ~ more Indie mates and projects…

My week began with a job interview. It was the first formal interview for years but despite my expectation of ‘feeling the nerves’ – there were none.

I was early (that’s a triumph for me!) but due to a communication muddle, the meeting started late. It was straight-forward and I was offered the job. Yeah! Though the contract has yet to arrive – hmm… is that a sign? [just found out a shop just 5 mins walk from me is hiring too…]

I think the nerves were absent because the outcome wasn’t super-important to me. I do need a job but I wasn’t desperate. Weirdly that kept me calm and maybe made the process easier and smoother. When you want something to the point that you need it I guess it makes you anxious before you begin…  that’s something I am going to try and remember as I am sure I will have more stressful meetings to come…


I was at a children’s party. But it was crazy and fun. The kids were holding hands, playing games, touching noses, shoulders, Free-Style! and laying down to do ‘fish-legs’.  They had no inhibitions and it was lovely to see boys holding hands without any issues whilst girls happily laid on the floor and got messy.

Who says girls and boys are different? They aren’t. It’s the way they are treated as they grow up that enforces those differences. Thankfully my nieces all get to experience being: princess, pirate, astronaut, dinosaurs or whatever else they want to be…

Indie Friends doing their own way…

I have joined more communities packed with smart indie writers doing their own thing and it is great.

Once you start – they are easy to find. These latest groups are on Facebook ~ just look for Indie + writers/poets etc…

I love the support everyone gets, there is a real spirit of encouraging each other to do well. No bitchin, no sulking – everyone wants to succeed and is happy to see their peers do well. Share the love!


The serious work continues.

I am multi-tasking right now. With my new novel (very, very early draft stages!) being built whilst I fine-tune 2 other books.

I like to have lots on the go at once. If I get a bit stuck with one project I can switch and it keeps me working without getting the complete shut-down of a full writer’s block.

If all else fails – I now have a great new colouring book full of super-hero comic images (more in my August review: The Slice).

and that leads to the BORED issue. I still feel bad saying I get bored. As a child my Mum would have hysterics if we ever used the B-word.

But despite loving my life of being a writer, it does get boring sometimes. Everyone gets that dull feeling of here I go again! when you feel like each day repeats itself. Whether you are starting a book project or at the end stages, the feeling is the same. The End feels like a mysterious place that doesn’t really exist. It does but it does take hard work to get there and feel satisfied that it really is the End.

Then …. it all starts again!

and finally: my top tip – when editing your book, send it to your own Kindle/tablet. Errors are easier to spot and you can add notes/highlight as you go then fix later. It means you do a full proof-read without getting tangled in doing the fixes. Try it!

Bye…  😉

Lizzie HW


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