My week as it was, hacked bushes, emoji nonsense & bad vibes


I am feeling the post post-holiday slump 😦

I blame the rain. It hasn’t stopped all month. I heard that a ‘survey said…’ that Brits moan about the weather more than any other nation!

Well it’s because mostly we have a great time and despite differences of opinion over social and political issues – the weather brings us all together. Who doesn’t like a good moan about the damp, the grey skies, the wind, the drizzle or mizzle?

Hacked Bushes… a classic whodunit mystery!

Not really. It was the gardener. Hired because my lovely husband is too uninterested in cutting the hedges once a month. Lazy!!

But the over enthusiastic gardener clearly did a hack & rush job as my buddleia  looks rather scrawny now. The hedges look great, the lawn is shorn… but all the clover has gone and that makes me a bit sad. I quite like the slightly weedy look.

They will grow back & all will be fine.

Emoji anyone

😵  🌹   🐑

The new language that everyone cool uses is slowly creeping up on me.  I wrote my Dad a birthday poem with part emoji, he was able to decipher it but looked rather bemused – he STILL doesn’t know how to open a text message (big sigh…).

Oh the vibes….

Not felt the writing LOVE this week. That’s mass editing for you! [see yesterday’s post] but the sun is out (briefly maybe?) and I have sorted out some annoying paper destroying – shredding + burning = satisfaction.

I also have a start date for my ‘job’ that’s the normal one that earns me regular cash 🙂  until I make the bestsellers list of course.  But I am looking forward to the change of pace – serving slices of cheese and meat behind a counter. Better than a desk job – I hope…

Writing of clearing stuff out… I also started tackling the dreaded TAXES. It wasn’t so bad. I am quite organised so I have a nice neat spreadsheet with almost all my figures entered and added. Just a few items to cross-check and it will be done. Then I can file my return and listen for the echoes of long distance laughter…

Tax Officer says:  “Oh you writers MUST be in it for the laughs!! Ha Ha, I think we may owe you.”

I am expecting a refund, maybe £4 – and I will spend it on CAKE!!

It is true – cake always makes the bad good.

Lizzie HW


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