My week, as it was + counting, cakes & Choc Lit


Aha it’s magic chalk!   Trying to teach my (very creative) niece to play Hopscotch and we couldn’t find the chalk.

So I showed her the magic of using a stone on stone to draw/write. She was suitably impressed. We then played Alternative Hopscotch – – –

the ‘squares’ were labelled randomly with names and pictures and we had the alphabet and numbers.

A toy cat (poor Pushcat) got thrown and the game was to retrieve her by jumping around in any pattern you liked!

Here’s the Lesson ~ Don’t Play by The Rules! It is fun to invent and create your own way of doing things.  I wrote yesterday about the crazy element of writing and everyone should do it. Let your imagination free, ignore all the rules – do it your way!

In this last week I have been back on the Gardening. It’s an annual event. I like pottering, occasionally planting and infrequent digging. I describe myself as a Fair Weather Gardener. But the best bit is… Designing!

I am a planning geek, I love lists and plans and drawing out ‘maps’ and trawling through all kinds of research (mags, books, the web) and asking the ‘experts’ like my Mum. She has this really, really old gardening book. It’s got that worthy look about it with thick paper that smells serious and a faded grey hard-cover and the plants are ordered by their proper botanical names!

So I have great plans and have sorted my plot into ‘mini projects’ – there are 8 so far… better get on then.

Leads and inspiration

The above is a brilliant example. I can now see, feel, smell that ‘book’. I just wrote that description from my memory but I love it so I will use that somewhere. I collect ‘writing’ constantly. I loved  quiz shows and just the other day I learned that the worst storm in British history (as recorded) was in 1703 when over 8000 people died! It was horrific.

Just that tiny bit of info started me wondering what if? and that’s all a writer needs, a thread to lead to a story. So I have made a note, added some details and one day that will start a story (actually I already know which story it is likely to influence because there was already a storm with an important shipwreck to bring characters together, and the pieces just fit).

Not collecting or sleeping!

Oh I had real restless nights this week. Dogs barking, cars, helicopters, security-lights! Ahhh!  My street is normally so quiet that any slight disturbance wakes me up.

So I did some maths, in my head. It’s a trick I started as a child. Counting sheep never worked because I started imagining their personalities! Oh, hey there goes FRED and he likes beer, now Anita who loves to dance… no sleep ….

If you are really curious: I did up to 18 x 18, then worked out a stream of prime numbers and squares, cubes… ahhh… zzzzzz (it works).

RAIN!!! Too much this last week. In fact I defied it yesterday and sat outside in sun, wind and rain. It was really hot too and the spits of cooling rain were welcomed!

Choc Lit

Ever heard of it?  Well it’s a small publisher that, if you haven’t guessed, focuses on romance. The twist, the Choc, is that heroes have to be smooth and melty.

Anyway, it’s not my normal reader fodder but I am half way through The Highwayman’s Daughter by Henriette Gyland – and it’s fairly good. If you like romances, it’s set in England in the 1760s – you’ll probably love it.

What else? Well I am back into yoga. I always do a fair few poses and stretches but I have found a locally produced TV show that has a very bendy lady teaching great moves.

I showed my husband one (and he’s not a fan) – anyone can do it though… you need about 4 pillows/cushions or rolled up towels..

lay flat on your back on the floor + put support under your neck/head and knees so there is no tension or pressure on any joints, then push a small support at the small of your back.

put your arms straight at your sides with palms up.

Relax and take slow, deep breaths… great relaxing move, ideal after a stressful day!



Of course, if that doesn’t work – get the kettle on and have cake!

I am a massive fan of the Great British Bake Off show and it’s back!!! It makes me want whatever they are making (well usually, unless it has all gone horribly wrong …) and gets me in the baking mood too. So apple crumble for tea…

bye for now…

Lizzie HW


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