The Slice / super heroes!

cake attack!

cake attack!

This month’s review focuses on super heroes.

With a slice of my Dad’s homemade biscuit slice (something he invented but tastes yummy) and a great cup (from my brother & sister-in-law), I will start with the craze for colouring.

[apologies – not the right photos 😦 but my phone refuses to connect to the computer – will try update]

When I look after my niece we often do some colouring-in (though hers is more scribble-all-over!) but I fancied an adult book. There are many great ones to choose from but they all were too boring for me. I get the intricate spaces designed to calm the mind etc but I wanted cool pictures to look at…

And here is the best book Ever!

more fun than tiddly-winks!

more fun than tiddly-winks!

A collection of 50s inspired comic-book covers, complete with monsters of all kinds: zombies, ghosts, mummies and things-from-the-swamp… it also features the obligatory ‘hero’ with severe jawline and the heroines with wide eyes and bold lips.

Of course the colours are mine to choose so I can make the sky green, the monster pink and the hero wear lipstick!

ghosts, in the jungle? 'Someone help me!'

ghosts, in the jungle? ‘Someone help me!’

On to my new (old) TV favourite. Re-runs of the classic Wonder Woman. I forgot just how big her glasses are! The classic disguise of all decent heroes: boring job = check + plain looks = check + glasses = Oh yes! >>> the super hero in plain sight.

I can overlook the stereotypes and sexism because it is of it’s time and all proper superheroes have glossy hair and a shiny outfit – it’s the rules!

{also a nod to the guy on his stag do dressed as WW amidst the other guys in smart Yorkshire Attire (that’s smart trews, waistcoats, golf socks/loafers and the obligatory flat cap) – hope the day ended well!}

To my film and I have chosen something dark and without the standard ‘rules’ ~ Chronicle.

It’s one of those films that uses ‘dirty realism’ which uses believable, normal, unremarkable characters in similarly normal or grim circumstances.

The story tracks a troubled teen, his popular cousin and the High School’s top performer, wanna-be politician. They come together when a meteor lands and alone they investigate and become altered. Each develops unique powers which they try to enhance as an unlikely group.

It remains dark throughout but is a fantastic weird movie.

Have super fun…

Lizzie HW


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