My week, as it was (OK yes, it’s a double bill!)


hey! Are you thinking – we must have had some kind of time twister? Because there definitely wasn’t a post last week – was there?

 Nope! There was no weird space-time hash ~ it was simply the dreaded w word: work.

 I mean a job.

It’s all fun being a writer but I don’t want to be one of those romantic types who live off stale bread and borrowed clothes.

my work friends seem great...

my work friends seem great…

We can look back with nostalgia typed across our eyes but living like that is certainly not romantic. You don’t have to suffer for your art. I have no desire to.

And being realistic I need money. I could sell my soul but I don’t fancy the terms anyway I am happy being able to write and publish my own stuff. That is brilliant! Earning tons of cash is the dream, the bonus but really, I am not chasing the money – so I now get that elsewhere.

So it was a necessity to get paid work. It gives me cash = Yeah! But there are other advantages to working whilst writing.

Look at most ‘artists’ that you may know as famous now, whether they are musicians, painters, sculptors, film-makers etc – many had to work to pay bills until they got their Break.

It’s never easy but neither is being stuck on your own all day, talking to the radio (I don’t have my own cat and the neighbour’s seems suspicious of me?).

So I gain people to talk to (real people who talk back) and observations [a writer’s nectar].

My ‘job’ hasn’t officially started (counter service) as the store is getting set-up. So it was straight in to hard labour! Cleaning, painting, shifting boxes, putting up shelves. And my delicate writer’s frame isn’t used to such activities, so I was thoroughly worn out. But that’s good as writing tends to be bad for your health – sitting, hunching and too much munching.

Apart from a week’s work I have been editing my book – still… yes, I know… but it will be GREAT once finished. I think that first collections are probably easier because there are stories that have been waiting to be set free. As things move on, later editions get more attention due to in-built triggers: don’t repeat! Should it be another ‘when I was a kid…’ tale? Is there a good mix of styles here? It’s honing the craft as every writer should always be doing.


Of course, there will always be distractions.

I got a noisy one – the gardener. He arrived unexpectedly but the grass/hedge needed a trim so he’s got to do his job too. So now I have regular income I can afford to pay him to tackle the bigger garden tasks and leave me to write (the social cycle continuum).

I think I will master drowning out the ROAR of the petrol mower… if not, we have ear-plugs… and headphones.

In a way – he timed it well. It was rather warm after a cooler few days so I was tempted to sit in the garden which would have led to research rather than proper writing.

In terms of research I haven’t needed to do any but I have been brushing up on my keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + F (brings up FIND) is my new favourite.

The next ‘tackle it!’ is upgrading to Windows 10 – I have been putting it off. I’ve heard it’s great but I am a bit scared. Maybe I will download everything to hard-drive first (just in case…).

Lizzie HW

ps – I am working (the job) but will aim to post something creative in the next day or so…


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