Indie publishing – the display of you.


If you read all the books, blogs and watch vlogs – you will know that all the advice says ‘get on line’. The way to get yourself known is to be seen.

It is not a new idea but the tech has changed greatly. We can post in seconds and allow our words/pictures to be seen all over the world.

Hey, I am doing it. I have this blog, Twitter and Facebook. I am dabbling with Google and Pinterest and dip in & out of LinkedIn too.

So – if you do the on-line too: how much should you share?

It’s not a staged question with an absolute answer.

But it is something to consider.

I recall being on local radio a few months ago and this topic came up. One guy was open to posting anything he wanted, no holds. Myself and another guy were cautious and we admitted we considered all posts carefully AND the audiences.

The three of us had considered it because all of us had positions that led to connecting with people we didn’t know. If you are simply using FB to post to your family – OK great. But as an Indie writer, chances are the Virtual You is reaching, stretching, clawing to shake hands (virtually) with other writers, industry connections and of course – the consumers.

I have 2 Facebook pages. My own and an official ‘author page’ though the original has morphed into a go-between as people Friend Request me and I am too polite to refuse! So I am constantly thinking: should this be public, family/friends, just for this group or that?…

You can set various ‘privacy rules’ on Facebook but we have all seen how easily uncomfortable posts can escape and become viral.

Of course, I am not an A-lister; the media are not interested in me. Then again – what if I do become well-known, in say 5 years? No doubt the media will be climbing, digging, upturning the virtual rocks for anything ‘dodgy’ to run as copy.

That one comment, half-intended, badly written is taken out of context and BAM! A storm of poop swirls around me.

That could be you!

The general rules are: keep off Politics, Religion & Social/Cultural topics.

I say – do as YOU please. Just be aware that anything you post could become your unwanted catchphrase in years to come.

And that ‘clever’ very silly picture of you will be misconstrued by someone. That’s how we humans are.

Now where is that odd picture of …

Lizzie HW


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