My week, as it was / waiting & watching


Last week finished with a nice long wait.

It seems that we’ve lost the patience to wait, demanding things NOW and being able to find info on-line in seconds; ordering deliveries with a few clicks with many promises of ‘next day delivery!’.

I had made an order for an item of jewellery and I had to wait. It was being hand-made. So after 4 weeks: it was ready!

Stretching out the anticipation, I drove to the shopping centre but headed to other shops first and spent some time elsewhere. Even then – with the jewellers a few metres away – I walked on and went for lunch.

Another wait.

I sat alone and simply looked around. Most of my fellow diners (solo or not) occupied this brief waiting-time busily on their phones. But I just watched; them and other shoppers.

It was a pleasant feeling and reminded me of what we can gain from waiting.

It taps into our sense of being present now which is what ‘mindfulness’ tackles. And when my lunch arrived, I was happy.

I felt excited finally walking to collect my jewellery. There was no rush to grab it and go. I had a lovely cup of tea and chatted to the assistant. He told me about working on ships and serving famous people whilst I shared my own story about leaving a career for a passion (to write).

The whole experience was a joy. A quiet, calm joy.

  We should all embrace the waiting. Do more watching. Along the way you’ll find enjoyment in little things, appreciation for important things and maybe a little space & time to simply think.

I found inspiration in those moments. This blog post, of course but also ideas for poems/stories/characters – little snippets that I jotted down on the restaurant receipt.

So the waiting was worth it 🙂

And I aim to do more so it’s a NO to the box-sets – I will just be patient and hang-on for the next episode/series. So no spoilers please!

Oh for any followers of the British Bake Off, the final was a great show and x’#’.m deserved the win 😉

Lizzie HW

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