My week, as it was {poetry, mumbling & video drafting}


Hi you lovely followers / welcome to anyone new 🙂

My ‘Indie Publishing posts’ have been scattered lately mainly because I don’t want to fluff by filling up space with repeats so they will be continuing from next week after a REFRESH.

And despite the chilly air, Autumn is a great time to refresh. The sun (when it’s around) is bright and warm, low down in the British sky and illuminating the simmering change of leaves from green to brown. I LOVE AUTUMN!

Summer gets too hot, Spring too wet and yes, Winter is nice but a bit cold…

Autumn is perfect: wrap up & walk weather.

And I ventured to my local park – I confess I drove there but I have a slightly annoying sore throat and the uphill climb would have done me in!

I wandered around, amidst dog-walkers and those just ‘out for the air’ as we Brits love to do. As I wandered (briskly walked!) I began turning over some poetry ideas in my head and inevitably these escaped, from my lips.

I talk to myself, ok?!

I consider it as rehearsing.

I plan to do performances in the coming months  ~ live and recorded so I need to speak out loud, check the cadence, the pauses, the volume. So if you see a well wrapped up woman (green coat) with short blonde hair chattering away to herself – it’s OK. It’s probably me and I am a poet.

🙂 It has been a poetry week too. Not only did we have Poetry Day but the lovely BBC have dedicated time to lots of poetry-based documentaries. I have been absorbed and held in snuggly blankets of poets.

I discovered those that I really should have already found but hey I know them now. I am a fan of discovery and there is no shame in being any writer and not knowing certain Authors, – the discovery of new talent, past artists or a single work you love – it’s an adventure. It is your adventure, not a standard Textbook version either (watch for my poem on this subject: Well Read – to be posted soon).

And I plan a mini trip over to Ted Hughes’ old grounds – it’s only a few miles away, so it would be rude not to. I am sure I will be inspired, after all, it’s YORKSHIRE and that is enough 😉

In the meantime I am planning video. I never expected to be a film-maker but it seems that to get noticed (if that’s what you want) a writer needs to push boundaries and I am not of the shouty-angry spittle variety so I am working on some subtle imagery.

  Hope to share some live footage soon!

Lizzie HW

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