Where have I been hiding?


Well nowhere really, just busy in real life mode!

I checked my drafts and found lots of great ideas never posted – oops!

Here’s an update:

In October I got married. Well according to Facebook I did as my funny husband finally altered his ‘status’ and lots of friends congratulated us thinking we’d only just made it official. Possibly confused by the appearance of my new wedding ring.

Just shows virtuality is not real… 😉


What else?

I spent hours updating my Business Plan. I remind myself (as per all the well written business books) that it is MY PLAN and should be used primarily by me, for me. But it does feel like a chore sometimes. I promise to keep updating it even though it makes me feel a bit sick…



And now???

It is Christmas Season so between writing, cleaning (or pretending that I have…. sniggering, fingers-crossed when I say “yes I did vac the house”) – making endless lists (of what to buy, where, for whom, what to eat, when to eat -~~~ arghhhh!) … I have actually written & delivered a few cards and wrapped up 90% of the gifts I am giving out and all before 1st December. Wow!


The slight downside is the lack of attention to my blog and on-line Pretender. Hey Ho…

so I promise to you lovely people who do read my ramblings – I will do more in the next few weeks. See this is my pre-end-of-the-year Resolution. And I have made a short list of things I would like to complete before 2015 vanishes into the gloomy mid-winter.


Try it! Do a list of say 6 things you want to do before midnight on 31st December 2015. Make it realistic. Tackle those niggles you’ve been ignoring all year: washing behind the fridge, clearing out that cupboard, taking the dog for a really decent walk, taking yourself out for a decent walk, and so on. I will keep you posted with mine:

  1. get on-line regularly (posting at least 4 times a week)
  2. publish the next eBook [Colours of a Rainbow]
  3. steam-clean the windows, sofa & wash the carpet
  4. put those items away (lingering from my holiday)
  5. make bread [any kind]
  6. go to the sea-side

So, if I stick to it, there will be a post tomorrow (the one about my holiday is almost ready….)

Lizzie HW




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