My week, as it was /snowmen, snakes & sheep


It is Christmas which for me means lists. More than normal.

I write lists for gifts, cards, food, events, and then re-write them all in some form of order that only I can decipher. Oh yes, there’s coded versions too – you never know who might see!

SATURDAY was a full-on day. One of those where you don’t stop and cram lots in, opposite to those delicious lazy days when it takes all your energy to get up to make a cuppa. well, I have those days, often… it’s part of being a writer, the lull before the sudden outbursts of non-stop (please make it stop!) creative outpourings – ahhh and relax.

So, after my part-time job I rushed off to pick up The Cake. Not an ordinary cake but a special 3D Olaf cake for my niece’s birthday. Then, safely deposited CAKE at home and managing to watch a few minutes of the classic It’s a Wonderful Life [just said to the TV “George kiss her” when husband’s voice bellows: come on, get ready!

We had a Night Out – yeah! Hit the town where we delighted in our local indie bars: british lager, Japanese lager, cotton-candy cocktails!

Sunday crept in (no hangover) and it was off to the birthday party with Cake. The 4 hours felt like 8, with excited children & even more excited adults! We even had a Winter Wonderland scene with an Olaf for picture/selfie opportunities.

Home to sit still and watch the wonderful, classic, Jungle Book – signing along… “bear necessities” & “King of the swingers” = JOY!!

Monday was the Final Xmas shopping expedition. Except my sister and I had more fun taste-testing everything on offer: Yorkshire Gin? Yes please! Processo? Oh, go on then. Local hand-made traditional fudge? If we must

  • so I still have a few gifts to get but almost done and even written a few cards too!

The ending was putting up decorations and going to get our tree. It’s called ALFRED. He has a bushy bottom and a skinny top – ’nuff said 🙂


….. and to cap off my busy, crazy week – I finished my next ebook collection: City of Animals which is full of odd tales, weird poems:  ~ spiders, dogs/cats, a mouse, a gerbil, foxes, birds; even a rhino. Try it!

Or if you begrudge spending $ £ – try my book: 3 Christmases [short alternative tales for the season] – FREE all weekend.

Lizzie HW

PS: Olaf = snowmen (more than 1); snakes from Jungle Book ad sheep – well you’ll have to buy the book 😉

PPS – please ignore any random links – must be the Elves!


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