What would Margaret do?



The titular dame is the great creator: Margaret Atwood.

I have recently read one of her earlier books and her imagination inspired me to a burst of activity.

I am working on a new collection focusing on current social themes. And whilst I have been prolific in the creative process I have kept having doubts about my lack of on-line activity.

It is 10 months since I posted on this blog.

I feel ashamed.

There is no clear reason for this. But as a human being I suffer from the same nonsensical emotional grief we all do. Constantly feeling I haven’t done my best.

Oh social media!

I love and hate you in equal measure,

You are my shackles and hold my treasure.

Back to Margaret – what would she do if she felt blogged-out? If she had the writing blues?

Oh, hell – she’d just get over it!



Keep your enemies close






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