It’s Friday – here some poems


Sit down, maybe get a cuppa and a slice of cake?  Enjoy….



Badges #1

She stands by the door

Ignoring the cold

And the slivers of rain

That sneak through

When someone passes.


She smiles.

Hers is a face of warmth and hope

No maliciousness, no tricks.

You know straight away

What she wants.


The tin jingles.

A tune of promises made

And beliefs that we should

Do good.


Catching your eyes

Do you stop, do you turn away?

Excuses spill forth

But she’s heard them all before.


She nods, and smiles

And wishes you a good day.

Still there was an exchange

And you go on your way.



In the back of your mind

A sliver of guilt sneaks through

And you promise

You will stop

….next time.




Badges #2

Worn with pride – to save lives.

Badges and buttons.

T-shirts & stickers.

We hope they work.

We believe they do.

Are you wearing it for them, or you?




Badges #3



It makes us human.



For others

Above the needs of you.


A word, a smile

A step aside

Costs nothing

But gives

And gives in ways you cannot know.


That lonely person, you don’t know

Whom knows no-one

And walks each day

In silence

Passing strangers

With heads bowed

Internal dialogues raging

Planning meals and school-runs and meetings.


Just, a smile, a wave hello

A raised head, as you go…

Show your humanity

There is no cost

But a saving.


A saving of a soul

From misery and solitude

Into believing, once again

In the truth

Of human kindness.


~~~~~~~~ have a contemplative weekend…..………

Lizzie HW