My week, as it was – local ventures


A busy 2 weeks to report on!

Most of my time has been taken up with the ‘job’ which is a Farm Shop styled deli.

It has been a joy to connect with people and chat about the great produce, mostly sourced locally from Yorkshire and with many items prepared fresh on-site.

Having recently watched reports on the crisis of British farmers I am pleased to see the consumers taking an interest in where their food comes from and choosing to pay a little extra to ensure we maintain our heritage and support local business.

After all, I am a local business too!

Another observation is the passion that people have about their own ventures. There is a visible pride when suppliers tell us about their ranges of products.

I am all for global economy and I do buy kiwis but we should also aim to support our own economies – buy local where/when you can 🙂

I have also suffered this last weekend at the hands of the modern sat-nav!

A family trip to a Hall & Gardens gave us a merry-go-round trip with directions to: turn left onto DxxRoad, turn right onto DxxRoad, take the first exit onto DxxRoad and then do a U-turn … ahhh!! But we got there in the end and had a great day exploring amazing gardens and a stately house.

It was built in the mid 1800s and the annual garden upkeep then was £360. About £23000 today! I am lucky if I can spend £360 now…

We had a quiz for my niece. Turns out, I am absolutely the NERD because I got cross when I missed the last question – it said ‘count the windows in the staff hall – now the shop’ but the ‘shop’ was a new building… arghhh…they meant the Tea Room which we skipped. Anyway I kept the pencil 😉

My niece was pretty good but she lost interest after 30 minutes – she is only 3 years old. (loser)

So that catches us up. I AM finishing the overdue over-edited book: City of Animals this week and then… onto the next project.

Bye for now…

Lizzie HW