The Slice ~ it’s all about Queenie


This week is dedicated to one book.

Rachel Joyce’s  The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy

I'm sure there were 5 biscuits?

I’m sure there were 5 biscuits?

The blurb [paraphrased] says: “When Queenie Hennessy discovers Harold Fry is walking … to save her…all she must do is wait.”

It seems simple enough – waiting for the arrival of someone.

But Queenie has secrets and now she knows she must reveal all to the man she has not seen for many years.

As she begins her confessions, we learn her story and more of their story.


If you read the first novel by Rachel Joyce: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry you will recall his desperation to reach her and make his own confession.

This is a follow-along book; set in the same time of Harold’s

journey but the reader is taken into the past to uncover long-hidden secrets of friendships.

You will be shaken. You will smile, laugh, cry and wonder at what makes people connect whilst others struggle to find their feet.

‘That’s the bugger with funerals’ said Finty. ‘All those nice people singing songs you like and saying stuff about how good you were and you’re not even there.’

I read this book in a few days whilst trying not to! But it overtook the very good read I had started and I swept through the tale.

At the end: I swore out loud…. Then burst into tears.

The book is also peppered with delightful illustrations by Andrew Davidson and they add a subtle charm to the overall reading experience.

If only they were in purple velvet!

If only they were in purple velvet!

Pure Delight!

Lizzie HW