My week, as it was {poetry, mumbling & video drafting}


Hi you lovely followers / welcome to anyone new 🙂

My ‘Indie Publishing posts’ have been scattered lately mainly because I don’t want to fluff by filling up space with repeats so they will be continuing from next week after a REFRESH.

And despite the chilly air, Autumn is a great time to refresh. The sun (when it’s around) is bright and warm, low down in the British sky and illuminating the simmering change of leaves from green to brown. I LOVE AUTUMN!

Summer gets too hot, Spring too wet and yes, Winter is nice but a bit cold…

Autumn is perfect: wrap up & walk weather.

And I ventured to my local park – I confess I drove there but I have a slightly annoying sore throat and the uphill climb would have done me in!

I wandered around, amidst dog-walkers and those just ‘out for the air’ as we Brits love to do. As I wandered (briskly walked!) I began turning over some poetry ideas in my head and inevitably these escaped, from my lips.

I talk to myself, ok?!

I consider it as rehearsing.

I plan to do performances in the coming months  ~ live and recorded so I need to speak out loud, check the cadence, the pauses, the volume. So if you see a well wrapped up woman (green coat) with short blonde hair chattering away to herself – it’s OK. It’s probably me and I am a poet.

🙂 It has been a poetry week too. Not only did we have Poetry Day but the lovely BBC have dedicated time to lots of poetry-based documentaries. I have been absorbed and held in snuggly blankets of poets.

I discovered those that I really should have already found but hey I know them now. I am a fan of discovery and there is no shame in being any writer and not knowing certain Authors, – the discovery of new talent, past artists or a single work you love – it’s an adventure. It is your adventure, not a standard Textbook version either (watch for my poem on this subject: Well Read – to be posted soon).

And I plan a mini trip over to Ted Hughes’ old grounds – it’s only a few miles away, so it would be rude not to. I am sure I will be inspired, after all, it’s YORKSHIRE and that is enough 😉

In the meantime I am planning video. I never expected to be a film-maker but it seems that to get noticed (if that’s what you want) a writer needs to push boundaries and I am not of the shouty-angry spittle variety so I am working on some subtle imagery.

  Hope to share some live footage soon!

Lizzie HW

My week, as it was / radio again! learning not to rush & listening to language


Last Thursday was my brother’s birthday. As is family tradition, I wrote silly poems in his birthday card. It is something I have been doing since I was a teenager. Not every card gets a poem but most do. And I don’t keep copies, it is a fleeting bit of poetry and may be enjoyed for but a few moments, then lost/destroyed. Mum keeps the ones I send to her and Dad.

I don’t mind that these snippets are ‘lost’. It gives me a sense of setting things free. We cannot retain every written word. There has been lots of talk about this as a problem with the internet storage/compatability that data will be lost, stranded. [ a theme for a poem, story ? maybe?]


Friday was Radio Day! Again I was a participant on the local station’s current affairs programme. I was less nervous and met four new people. They were not ‘new people’ but new to me, of course! It was also the BBC’s Free Music Day and I managed to stand in the blazing sun and watch/listen to a huge chorus of children singing medlies. It included one of my favourite songs: Daydream Believer – happy 🙂 🙂


Work took a dramatic turn. I read over my only published novel (the other books are collections of shorts/poems) and was embarrassed at the errors. OH! I call on fellow writers to be so careful before publishing: spell-check, grammar check, proof-read – I told them. Hmm, I did those but obviously not with enough attention.

Many problems were typos and easily corrected: at instead of as, Ashe merged from As she… but there were some other issues. Mixed plot lines or unclear order of words. Ahh!

Well that is Big Lesson! I will always take more care. I rushed, that’s the truth. So keen to get my book ‘out there’. Still we learn from such mistakes. I learned to be patient, to take my time, to read my work over and over but also to allow some distance so I can see these problems. I know the story and plot so, it’s like when your brain can read a word that’s typed icorrtlny (see!) a writer’s mind will fix the issues.

So I am re-working and I know it will just make the novel even better!



Blue, scary face.

She needed a better skincare routine.

 Apart from the crazy editing – I am awaiting a book cover design for my next collection. Hopefully my husband will be persuaded… he used to study art, many years ago. I think he’s got the bug, he’s already drawn two images – great but not quite right for my book. We’re working on it together. But I won’t rush him 😉

This is one of his drawings from a few years ago. It was inspired by a book cover – can’t recall which – so need him to do something equally strange!

The weekend saw a Poetry event in Bradford hosted by the nearby Ikley as part of their Lit Fest which happens in October. There were plenty of free events as well as paid-for options. I spent a delightful afternoon on Sunday listening to many voices. Some spoke in languages I don’t know. It didn’t matter because the richness and variety of tone was still a joy. It is like music, how a voice is deep and warm; another light and delicate and we were lucky to get translations from one speaker. I chatted to a young man who spoke 5 languages! He had his book and was telling me how he was attempting translations to English. Now consider that task – keeping the flow, some rhymes and the same themes and converting to a language that has a different cadence… not easy!

I also spoke to a Poet who kindly gave me her email, just like that! Lesson alert! Don’t be scared to talk to strangers, some will give advice, others may want to swap details – they are just like you! The lady explained how she was nervous before speaking and when I said I hadn’t done that yet but wanted to; she encouraged me. Equally, she hadn’t published anything, I have. So never presume you know how a fellow writer is working. That’s similar to a lesson from Ms Swift (the singer) who says she never assumes people know her name and always introduces herself. How n


making faces

give me an OH!


My next task – to attend a local poetry group. I know of one that meets every month, so my diary is marked! {also just came across a regular, monthly event close to me that is open to poets, musicians, dancers – all artists willing to perform! ~ need to practice my projections Ahhh BEEE Ceee!}



The rest of the week =   editing that pesky novel!

I also took time to watch some of the Women’s World Cup. England played France on Tuesday and  I am not a huge football fan (rugby is my game) but it’s important to support the national team. Like most fans I have a second, it is Canada. Not because they’re hosting but I have visited the country twice and it’s always be a pleasure. I will be going again, don’t know when… / England lost, by the way, 1-0 Boo!  😦

But hey! I won another free chocolate bar at my local shop! I love free stuff 😉

In between all of this, I am reading The Quick a delicious gothic horror (watch for my review on Sunday 14th June in the regular/new post: every 2nd Sunday- The Slice).

Wednesday (yesterday) was an early start 7am! But I planned changes to my blog <this blog> then did a house-clean, laundry & wrote two draft blogs ~ all before lunch!  Amazing what a bit of sunlight can do…

Bye now…

Lizzie HW

Reboots / mini robotic poetry



on robots this week…

Robots came again. I don’t like the look of ‘em. Too shiny. I think they have an agenda. Watch out, I warned you…

clockwork twirls, hidden dials, springs and things. blinking on & off /switches, twitches. micro, mini – they’re everywhere!

it told me the atomic make-up of my lover, it gave me symbols for passion and hunger.

He can dance! That smooth systemised jive makes me feel alive! And he spins me around and round. Turning to look, I see them stare.

I don’t care about the logistics, the statistics, the law. I don’t care what they say or think or do. It’s my AI that I love.

~#~#~#~#~ have a sci-fastic weekend!   ~#~#~#~#~#~

Lizzie HW

Meekly seeking / a poem


I am: Weakened


Needing a hand

To lift me higher than I can manage alone.

 Faintly folding in on myself

Holding out for a hero, of course!

And better

If their arrival is upon a white horse!

Tears streaming

Will be wiped away

With a firm hand

And a luscious smile

That takes one’s breath away.


Oh – the hope and joy

Of finding the saviour

The one.


I wish it

I dream it

But am I a fool?

Evading my reality

For the illusions of someone new

And exciting

To tear me apart.


I look, in the moving pictures

For the ideal image

The perfect partner

But they are merely actors

With their smooth hair

And smoother lines

Practiced too far

Not real.


So, each day I look out into

Seas of faces, strangers

With a shimmer of


That one of them

Will look back at me

And they will be captivated.


Recognise an injured soul

Who is full of hope

And has love to give

If the right seeker comes along.


I see around me

The couples, families made


From singledom

To stardom.


Some so quick!

I forget

How most met

A chance stumble, a date

A work event…


Old college mates.

For me these options seem too



I am timid and meek

For that is the sum of me

But I will accept

With open arms

The rescuer

Who can take me from this, my dour world

Where I do not fit.


And maybe, upon a white horse

With wind streaming back her hair

She will come

To lift me from my despair.


~~~~  this twists the traditional romance seen so often, a weak woman waits for her Knight to save her; here the one seeking could be male or female and the Saviour is female. It is still about love. And the weakness isn’t about being ‘female’ but about a mix of feeling insecure, lonely and shy – those are emotions that every person experiences at some time in their life (even the ones who pretend they don’t!).




It’s Friday – here some poems


Sit down, maybe get a cuppa and a slice of cake?  Enjoy….



Badges #1

She stands by the door

Ignoring the cold

And the slivers of rain

That sneak through

When someone passes.


She smiles.

Hers is a face of warmth and hope

No maliciousness, no tricks.

You know straight away

What she wants.


The tin jingles.

A tune of promises made

And beliefs that we should

Do good.


Catching your eyes

Do you stop, do you turn away?

Excuses spill forth

But she’s heard them all before.


She nods, and smiles

And wishes you a good day.

Still there was an exchange

And you go on your way.



In the back of your mind

A sliver of guilt sneaks through

And you promise

You will stop

….next time.




Badges #2

Worn with pride – to save lives.

Badges and buttons.

T-shirts & stickers.

We hope they work.

We believe they do.

Are you wearing it for them, or you?




Badges #3



It makes us human.



For others

Above the needs of you.


A word, a smile

A step aside

Costs nothing

But gives

And gives in ways you cannot know.


That lonely person, you don’t know

Whom knows no-one

And walks each day

In silence

Passing strangers

With heads bowed

Internal dialogues raging

Planning meals and school-runs and meetings.


Just, a smile, a wave hello

A raised head, as you go…

Show your humanity

There is no cost

But a saving.


A saving of a soul

From misery and solitude

Into believing, once again

In the truth

Of human kindness.


~~~~~~~~ have a contemplative weekend…..………

Lizzie HW

a collection of twitterings – dark mini poems


I wrote these in the form of Twitter – 140 characters or less – but they seemed too dark to be on that format.

I like to keep my tweets happier as out of context a dark poem could make someone feel sad 😦 and I don’t want to do that to my lovely followers.

So here are a few of the darker twitterings:

We charged in. Legs and eyes wide open. Not wanting more than a physical thing. Now one of us is broken, the other is silently screaming.

She sits and knits. The ball of blue diminishing with every stitch. At last something new is coming to replace the empty-ness.

Thank you for the blooms. Three years shared in the same bed. Petals of purple and red. Across my body – now spread.

I didn’t write these to fit together but they do in a tragic mini story.

They are all under 140 characters – the first and longest is 137 😉


find more of my writing, in neat collections @

Dedication to all artists /a poem


To all –

artists, singers, actors and

bands, groups

troupes –

For singing and dancing

telling stories or truths.

Entertaining, in ways

unique or well-worn,


Jugglers, and clowns

those going Up

and on the way down.

For just having fun

or guts, glory, and

Risking it all –

To being content

paying the rent,

squirming in

Misery and Blues

wondering – what went on.

Where’s my luck gone?

To all –

Follow the road, or push through

the thorns,

Keep making us laugh

cry, frown

and bemused.